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Last One of the Night: 24 hour Read-a-Thon!

Here it is! The last post of the night, but certainly not the end of the night!

More pictures, less words.

Much reading, being read too, and the like, and the kids finished off their goal of five hours and successfully collected all their surprises!
Kan-man enjoyed some good one on one reading as his sister headed down stairs to enjoy the rest of their day. Making themselves busy reading their new books they got as prizes and watching some movies.
Zoe joined in today as well, completing her goal by finishing her book Still Alice and is currently reading The Bean Trees.
I, having made it a bit through Lord of the Flies, decided I was needing something a little less “heavy” and scoured my shelves for a light read. (I know I know, not in my TBR pile, but I felt like a book about Nazi concentration camps or a book about Nazi concentration camps, would not be the “lightness” I was looking for.)
Look who’s home! (and a Kiki)
Had to get Chels ready for her Halloween party. Pretty lady.
And now I sit, babes in bed, girls having a sleep over downstairs and watching a movie, coffee in hand and I’m ready to see how long I will last tonight!

See you in the morning!

~”Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.”~

George R.R. Martin

24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Mid day post!!

My mid day post as promised.

I’m going to keep it picture heavy and word light.

Must. Get back. To reading.

The morning started with excitement like Christmas morning… for me. Awake before, 50% of my children, made sure everything was clean, and everything was set.
Got their prizes set out on the fire place mantle, so they knew what sorts of things all their efforts and reading would win them!
Got my area set up for keeping up and checking in, reading blogs and adding books to my “need to read” list.
We set the timer for increments of half hours for the kids to do their reading, then collect their tickets as the time passed.
I paused for a while to get our pre-cut veggies and goodies set out on the table for snacks. I also got over zelous about the amount of homemade items I was going to prepare and I DID NOT make hummus or chocolate dipped marsh-mellow spiders, as originally planned.
The girls opted to take a break from reading themselves and we put some books on the tumblebooks app on our TV!
My first read was the rest of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and I’ll be totally honest it was a slower going morning reading wise for myself than I had hoped for, but got it done I did!   ….   AANNNNND…
….. though I may not have read very much yet, the kids have all read (or had read to them) enough to claim their first two prizes PLUS their two pink tickets for finishing books! They also watched 6 picture books on the tumblebooks app SO it’s been a successful morning!
Now on to the 2nd half of the day and onto book #2!

Chels has a halloween party to go to this evening and I will need to pause to help her dress up, but Jeff will be home by then and I’ve still lots of hours left in the read-a-thon. Having a wonderful time, and plan to finish at LEAST one more book and start on a third.

Continuing on.

See you this evening!

Let The Read-A-Thon Begin!

It begins!

We have been utterly restless with excitement for today. The kids and I have never participated in this readathon before, and the community surrounding it just sparked my excitement into a big bright burning flame.

People have been posting their TBR pile posts, the getting ready from yesterday just flooded my news feed on FB, one reading related post after another. Both the reader and the aspiring-nutritionist in me was in my glory as I scrolled through “Snacks for the day! All set!” photos!

Yesterday we set aside part of the day for prep time. We made a prize chart for the kids, where for every half an hour they spent reading they will get to take an orange ticket, and trade those tickets in for prizes. Two big pink tickets for finishing a whole book can be traded in for one large prize!


We also got our food for the day set, cut up veggies, deviled eggs, hummus and tortillas (likely to be featured in either this after noons or this evenings post as I think it’s a bit early to set up today’s read-a-thon snack table.)

Our pile grew a bit as well. I decided on a couple extra books, not that I really think I will finish them all, but one can never have too many options….. which is actually extremely untrue but even so… I needed more options. Hatchet is a novel I SWEAR I remember reading in school, and Survival in Auschwitz is neither a re-read nor a book I read in school. It’s just that Survival in Auschwitz has been patiently sitting on it’s shelf next to Night (which again is one of my all time favorites), waiting for me to finally finish it and it just seemed too cruel to grab Night and not also grab it.


Lastly I just have to mention how awesome it is that my oldest daughter asked if she might actually write something to read to us today, so she spent her time yesterday building us a story that I could NOT be more excited for her to read.

So now I’ve got myself cozy on the couch in my comfy spot, with my coffee and my last few chapters of Behind the Beautiful Forevers and I’m ready to let the reading begin!

See you this afternoon!

~”Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.”~

-Joseph Addison

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